You know you're European when..
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You Know You’re a European When …

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Having lived in America for quite some time now, I have been told many many times that I was “so European.” Well, I am… but what does that actually mean? I decided to compile a list of some things that in my opinion make Europeans … well … European.

It’s always time for tea.


Bad break up? Tea will make it better. Stressed? Have a cuppa? Bored? Nothing a cup of tea wouldn’t fix. Need I say more?

You have mastered subtle insults.


Sarcasm is in our DNA and we have mastered the art of insulting people without them even noticing. It’s a win win situation. Am I right?

You actually like marmite.


I’m not kidding. It’s delicious. I do have to admit something though. I love watching my American friends taste Marmite for the first time.

You tend to overshare.


When talking to a friend (or even a stranger in Tesco if you’re on your period), we really have no filter. Very few topics are off limits. Sorry not sorry.

You know who the real queen of baking is.


Were you crushed when Mary Berry decided to leave the Great British Bake Off? I was too. Thanks to the internet, however, her recipes are one google search away.

I would love to hear from you! What do you think makes Europeans European?

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