Spring Cleaning Your Body
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Spring Cleaning Your Body

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The perks of having friends supportive of your writing are countless. One of them, however, is very important when my inspiration decides to slither away into oblivion. Couple days ago, when I was complaining about not knowing what my next post should be about, my friend Hannah quickly pointed out that “Spring Cleaning Your Body” would be an interesting read (thanks, Hannie)!

If you’re anything like me, when spring finally comes around, you look at yourself in the mirror and with horror start wondering what happened to your body during the last few months of hibernation. So, what now? Maybe it’s time to add our bodies to the spring cleaning routine.

Make Healthier Choices

Sounds like such a cliché, right? Alas, there is no way around this one. Winter has a way of luring us into eating a ton of less-than-nutritious foods. Plainly said, we load up on junk.

Let’s be clear. I’m not telling you to quit all sugar and most carbs — even though according to Dr. Gary Taubes, that would be the best option (you can read more about this in his books Why We Get Fat, The Case Against Sugar, and Good Calories, Bad Calories). I tried, and failed … many times. I will probably try again; but in the meantime, I’m trying to be careful about what I put into my body. I will indulge in a candy bar, but also choose to have salad for lunch. Just take small steps!

Flush the system out with water and herbal teas.

Drinking plenty of water is a perfect way to cleanse and hydrate. We all know it and most of us drag our bodies through a state of dehydration almost every day. Too bad we can’t see all the toxins floating in our body — I’m sure that if we could, we’d do better at trying to get rid of them.

Research the chemicals in your cleaning supplies and cosmetics.

You all know how much I love makeup. There is no way I’ll switch to all natural brands any time soon. However, I can be more mindful of other things I am surrounding myself with. I made the switch to the Seventh Generation products (i.e. detergent, dish soap, multi-purpose cleaner, and hand soap) a while ago, but there is still much room for improvement. Again, I’m just trying to find some balance! Are you with me?

Go naked.

I’m not talking about nudity here …. please do not leave your house without your clothes! When it comes to your face, however, go naked as often as possible. If you know that you won’t be leaving the house on Saturday, let your skin breath! I’m sure your mailman won’t be as horrified as you think.


Oh no … the ‘e’ word. Please do pardon my language — I couldn’t help myself. There is no point in listing all the benefits of regular exercising because we all know them. There is a silver lining though! Spring usually brings just the perfect weather for a walk. Even if you don’t break a sweat, it’s better than not moving at all.

I can’t talk about fitness without mentioning FabFitFun! They have been generous enough to offer my subscribers $10 off their first FabFitFun box (just use the code “SPRINGLOVE”). Boxes come out 4 times a year and are customisable. Have a look at the Spring Edition by clicking on picture below.

FabFitFun Box (Spring Cleaning Your Body)

Surround yourself with plants.

Plants can not only bring you happiness; but they can also, according to Generation Good, purify the air in your house. Disclaimer — your faux plants from Target might look pretty, but they won’t do you much good. Sorry for raining on your parade! So, which one should you bring home?

Generation Good Houseplants Chart (Spring Cleaning Your Body)

Don’t have a plant nursery nearby? Don’t worry! Amazon has a great selection!

Now that you read my tips for spring cleaning your body, I would love to hear from you! How do you get your health and well-being back on track?

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