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    The Best Cashew Milk Recipe

    My environmentally conscious friends already know that the carbon footprint of the dairy industry has become an increasingly hot topic over the last decade. When examining a product’s environmental footprint, we must consider variables like greenhouse gas emissions, water use,…

  • #walk20in20
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    Join Me For a Walk: #Walk20in20

    I am constantly thinking about how to make my health better — by eating well, drinking lots of water, exercising …. the last one is probably the hardest one for me. Because I’m more prone to stick to an activity…

  • Spring Cleaning Your Body
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    Spring Cleaning Your Body

    The perks of having friends supportive of your writing are countless. One of them, however, is very important when my inspiration decides to slither away into oblivion. Couple days ago, when I was complaining about not knowing what my next…

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    4 Simple Steps to Stress-Free Homemaking

      Hey y’all! I know that a lot of you can relate to the picture above. As much as we love those perfectly clean and organized kitchens on Pinterest, we don’t always have the time/energy/skills to make our home look…

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    Modest Monday

    Hello again! I can’t believe that another week is gone. Can you believe that we have only 11 Sundays left until Christmas? I certainly can’t! This week was kind of exhausting. Well …. I was exhausted. And I didn’t even…

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    The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle

    I’ve never heard about the Ultimate Healthy Living bundle before, but when I peeked at The Modest Mom blog this morning, I got very excited!!! Caroline says that the bundle is valued at over $1000 in resources plus some freebies.…