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    What I Read Last Month: November 2019

    Though some of you are following me on Goodreads, I have decided to track my monthly readings here on the blog as well. You may remember my #19for2019 post from the beginning of the year where I set a goal…

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    Susie: The Life and Legacy of Susannah Spurgeon

    I know, I know … you’re probably thinking …. how great of you to finally show up! I admit, life has been a bit crazy lately. I am ready, however, to interrupt this radio silence and tell you about a…

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    The Library of Lost and Found Book Review

    The library has always been one of my most favourite places to visit. Growing up, we had a nice-sized library in our house, so there often was no need to borrow books. This might have been the cause of my…

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    I Owe You One Book Review

    Sophie Kinsella has been one of my favourite authors for a long time (and it’s not because she’s British)! If you’ve never read any of her books, now would be a great time to jump on the bandwagon. Before I…

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    Book Review: Sequin Sparkle Bible

    Merry Christmas! Before I dive into the actual review, I would love to thank Thomas Nelson for sending me the Sequin Sparkle and Change Bible for free in exchange for my honest review. Description Perfect for girls ages 6 to…

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    ‘Missionary Mom’ Book Review

    Even though I am not a mother, I have often wondered how would children affect what the Lord has put on my heart to do. Sadly, our society has tried to exclude mothers from serving the Lord and downplayed their…

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    The 5 Love Languages – Singles Edition Book Review

    It is no secret that I am self-proclaimed bookworm. Even though I love many different genres, books written from a Christian perspective are my favourite. I’m sure you can imagine how happy I was when Moody Publishers offered to send…