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5 Clothing Items You Need To Toss Out Right Now

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Though you might not be a diagnosed hoarder, I bet your closet is a bit fuller than it needs to be. When preparing to move myself toward a capsule wardrobe, I noticed items that should have been long gone.

Now, don’t worry! I won’t tell you that you should wear the same outfit every day — though it did work for Steve Jobs!

I’m simply trying to help you figure out what needs to go and what can stay for a bit longer. Do you think I read one too many of Marie Kondo‘s books?


Items That Are Faded/Stained/Hole-y

Apparently, WordPress doesn’t recognise the word “holey,” which is why I tried to fix it with a hyphen. Now it looks even weirder. I even googled it; it does exist. Google knows best.

Back to the topic. You need to get rid of all the stained t-shirts, faded trousers, and most importantly, holey underwear (there it is again!). You seriously can’t expect to take over the world when you’re Target underwear looks like something that got chewed up by your [insert your pet].

Bottom line: If you can see through it, it needs to go. If the shape reminds you of an unidentified object, it needs to go.

Items That Are Too Small

Yes, I know. When you lose weight, you’ll fit into it again. I hate to break it to you, but by the time that happens, that item will probably be out of style.

Just get rid of it now. Does it not make you feel frustrated every time you look at it, knowing you can’t wear it?

Items That Are Hard To Match

The skirt you threw away in step #1 was the only one that matched your yellow top? Chances are, you probably wore it only once in the past 6 months. Unless there is some sentimental explanation behind your unwillingness to bin the top, you might as well just do it now.

Worn Out Shoes

Finding the perfect pair of shoes is hard, especially when it’s the only one that matches your favourite outfit. Since we’re dealing with shoes, do you have any that are too uncomfortable to wear? Ditch those too — they’re just taking up space anyway.

Items That Make You Feel Frumpy/Yucky

I’m sure we all have couple of them. The skirt that fits, but something is just not right. The dress that you almost immediately regret wearing. Why waste time and closet space on items like that?

Note: Isn’t it funny how we think that a particular piece of clothing will fit us better/feel less frumpy than the last time we tried it on (and hated it)?

folded clothes

So, there you have it! Five things that you need to toss out immediately. Just to clarify, by “tossing out,” I don’t necessarily mean throw in the rubbish. Sure, if it’s not wearable anymore, just get rid of it.

Some items, however, might be a blessing to other people. Have a garage sale, drop your clothes off at Goodwill, or simply ask your friends if they want it — just try your best not to send it to the landfill.

5 clothing items you need to toss out

Zero Waste Tip: Old t-shirts, cotton dresses, jersey lounge pants, etc. make amazing cleaning cloths. If you don’t want to go out and buy reusable rags or washcloths, make your own! Just cut them up into squares or rectangles (or stars, if you really want to) and you’re ready to clean that sink!

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